Reaching net zero and reducing global heating are not just issues for governments and large corporations: it requires action by every individual and every organisation, in the UK and beyond.

For that reason, the Bar Council has established a Bar Sustainability Network to support chambers, Inns and legal support organisations to act on their climate impacts today.

What is the Bar Sustainability Network?

The network is a Bar Council initiative run in conjunction with Achill Management, a sustainability consultancy with expertise working with the legal profession. The network provides a range of services and support for chambers, Inns and others to help you transition to a more sustainable way of working – saving not just carbon emissions but costs.

Email our network contact Kian Goodsell with a network query at [email protected]

Benefits for members

Bar Sustainability Summit 2023

In June 2023 we held the first Bar Sustainability Summit for members of the Network. Chaired by Zoë Leventhal KC, the event aimed to support chambers to develop and deliver effective interventions on carbon reduction, and respond to the climate crisis. 




Carbon offsetting: an initial guide to carbon offsetting in the voluntary carbon market

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Other useful websites

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Network members


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