Advertisements and application timetables

Under the Bar Qualification Manual, all AETOs are required to advertise any vacancies for pupillage on the Pupillage Gateway. As such, aspiring barristers can access the site throughout the year in order to browse live vacancies.

In addition to using the Pupillage Gateway to advertise, AETOs can use the portal to manage the recruitment of pupil barristers. All chambers must recruit in accordance with a pre-determined timetable, which runs from November to May annually.

Find out more

If you have a general enquiry about how the gateway works, would like a free demonstration of the portal’s functionalities, or would like to place an advertisement for pupil barristers, please email the Bar Council Services team on [email protected] or call +44 (0)207 611 1321.

Alternatively, visit Gateway’s Provider Home and read the FAQs.