Bar Council and IT

The Bar Council is highly involved in how IT and new technology impacts the life of the Bar and provides advice to the Bar in relation to data protection and information security. Among other things, we act on legal policy related to IT or with an IT aspect to ensure that the Bar’s recommendations and concerns are heard by government. Issues on which we work include:

  • Monitoring and being actively involved in IT developments and their implications for the legal services market and the practising Bar;
  • Providing advice to the Bar on IT matters; and
  • Leading on relevant consultation responses relating to: digital infrastructure; digitisation of existing processes; IT and court reform; artificial intelligence and new and developing technologies.
The IT Panel's GDPR articles

The Bar Council's IT Panel's articles on GDPR provides bitesize chapters on GDPR to assist barristers and chambers in understanding their professional obligations under the data protection rules. 

These articles, as updated for the Data Protection Act 2018 (and all written by the IT Panel), are also published in BarTalk, the Bar Council's fortnightly e-newsletter. 

Read the Bar Council's IT Panel's articles 

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IT and GDPR support for barristers and chambers

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