Pro bono

Many barristers devote their time to pro bono work by providing legal advice or representation for free to those in need, or by volunteering their skills in another capacity e.g. careers advice in schools, acting as a trustee or even coaching a team of students for a mock trial competition.

The Bar Council established a dedicated committee to support policy pro bono work in 2016. Details of current members and its terms of reference can be found here. If you want to contact the committee with a policy issue related to pro bono please get in touch. Please note that we cannot assist with requests for pro bono services from members of the public. If you have a legal issue, you should contact Advocate or a similar organisation.



Guide to Pro Bono

Read the Guide to Pro Bono: Free Legal Advice in England and Wales, published by the Bar Council in partnership with the Law Society and CILEx.

Pro Bono opportunities

View our list of Pro Bono schemes and opportunities available to barristers.


Advocate is a charity that finds free legal assistance from volunteer barristers

National Legal support trust

The Bar Council along with others across the profession support the legal walks.

Bar in the community

For more information on other types of volunteering, e.g. being a trustee or a school governor, please visit the Bar in the Community website.

Pro Bono Cost Orders

Pro bono costs provide vital funding for free legal help.