Pro Bono and Social Responsibility Committee

Executive: Kian Goodsell

Co–Chair: Laurie Scher – Maitland Chambers

Co–Chair: Samantha Singer – QEB



Ben Cooper KC– Doughty Street Chambers

Frances Ridout – Queen Mary, University of London

Harry Stratton – One Essex Court

Leigh Royall – Senior Clerk, Spire Barristers

Leanne Targett-Parker - 10 KBW

Rebecca Wilkie – CEO, Advocate

Sarah Phillimore – St Johns Chambers

Shyam Popat – Chief Operating Officer and Head of Casework, Advocate

Stephanie Coker – Stour Chambers

Toby Brown – South Square

Zoe Leventhal – Matrix Chambers

Zoe Saunders – St Johns Chambers


The terms of reference of the Committee are:

a. To lead work in promoting pro bono volunteering, in particular by liaising with pro bono charities and organisations involved in promoting access to justice;

b. To promote good practice in social responsibility (CSR) across the Bar;

c. To educate and inform members of the Bar about socially responsible business practices (in the workplace, community, environment and supply chain);

d. To engage with the Bar's stakeholders in relation to CSR activity on behalf of the Bar; and

e. To support all other Bar Council committees, panels and working groups with specific responsibility for aspects of Social Responsibility work (e.g. the Ethics, EDSM, Education & Training committees etc.)

Pro Bono and Social Responsibility Committee working group

Climate Crisis Working Group

Co-Chair: Estelle Dehon KC and Ben Cooper KC

This Working Group was formed in April 2022 and includes representatives from Circuits, Specialist Bar Associations and Inns of Court, as well as groups at the Bar with a specific focus on the climate. The group is focusing on three main areas:

  • Practical solutions for barristers, chambers, and employed Bar organisations (including a wider goal to reach Net Zero by 2030)
  • The role of the profession in tackling the climate crisis
  • Working with other organisations and wider society to promote action and reform


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