Climate law framework

What is the framework?

LSE’s Grantham Institute defines ‘framework legislation’ as a subset of climate laws that bring together domestic and international agendas. These often include:

  • the strategic direction for national climate change policy
  • are passed by the legislative branch of government
  • drafting key targets for sustainable outcomes

Why the framework is relevant

Climate change affects everyone to different extremes. From droughts to an increase in energy prices, we are all impacted. In the effort to alleviate these pressures, we are constantly thinking of ways to support chambers become more sustainable.

Why the Bar Council is encouraging it

We want to help inform you of these issues, and support you to make your practice greener. You can do this by joining the Bar Council’s Sustainability Network, or by applying for the courses listed, which will help to enhance your knowledge of the area.


Climate conscious lawyering

The concept of climate conscious lawyering

"Climate conscious lawyering" is a recent term that refers to a lawyer factoring in the environmental impact on their work.

It requires an understanding of the intersections between a legal problem or dispute and the climate crisis. In doing so, it is expected that the legal issue helps to address the environmental ramifications.


Carbon literacy

What is carbon literacy?

Carbon literacy is understanding the impact carbon emissions have on everyday activities. Through this awareness, there is an active effort to reduce emissions on an individual, community or organisational basis.

This work is supported through the Bar Sustainability Network and Achill Management (a consultancy that specialises in the implementation of net zero transitions across legal and professional services).