Law Reform Committee

Executives: Sarah Richardson and Eleanore Hughes

Chair: Iain MacDonald - Gough Square Chambers

Vice-Chair: Sydney Chawatama - 1 Crown Office Row

Vice-Chair: Eleena Misra - Old Square Chambers

Vice-Chair: Alexandra Robson - Financial Conduct Authority



Peter Carter QC - Doughty Street Chambers

Richard Drabble QC - Landmark Chambers

Robert O'Sullivan QC - 5 Paper Buildings

George Peretz QC - Monckton Chambers

Rhodri Williams QC - Henderson Chambers

Mavis Amonoo-Acquah - 2 Harcourt Buildings

Jamie Anderson - Trinity Chambers

Efe Avan-Nomayo - Financial Conduct Authority

Tim Calland - Maitland Chambers

Tom Cockroft - 3 Temple Gardens

Celina Colquhoun - No5

Alex Cooke - Department for International Trade Legal Advisers

Graham Denholm - Landmark Chambers

Nigel Dougherty - Erskine Chambers

Tom Dumont - Radcliffe Chambers

Jonathan Goulding - Gough Square Chambers

Alison Green - 2 Temple Gardens

Ben Griffiths - Erskine Chambers

Dominic Lewis - 5 Paper Buildings

Edite Ligere - 1 Crown Office Row

Alison Moore - 1 Garden Court

Benjamin Newton – Doughty Street Chambers 

Kendrah Potts - 4 New Square


The Terms of Reference of the Committee are:

a. To consider and develop proposals for law reform and to submit views to the Government and others where appropriate;

b. To organise events and activities designed to demonstrate the importance of, and foster an interest in, law reform amongst the Bar and those training for a career at the Bar;

c. To support the strategic aims of the Bar Council, as published.


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