Legal Services Committee

Executive:  Enehuwa Adagu

Co-Chair:       Susan Grocott KC– Deans Court Chambers

Co-Chair:       Philip Stott – QEB Hollis Whiteman

Vice-Chair:    Anton van Dellen – Goldsmith Chambers

Vice-Chair:     Shobana Iyer – Swan Chambers



Charlie Woodhouse KC - Old Square Chambers

Caroline Goodwin KC - Trinity Chambers

Lawrence Akka KC – Twenty Essex

Paul Keleher KC– 25 Bedford Row

Niran de Silva KC- Littleton Chambers

Angharad Price - Government Legal Department 

Chris Bryden – 4 King’s Bench Walk

Chris de Beneducci - Selborne Chambers

Christian J Howells - 30 Park Place Chambers

David Lemer - Doughty Street Chambers

David O’Neill - Financial Conduct Authority 

Emma-Louise Heath – 9 Bedford Row Chambers

Fiona Fitzgerald – Radcliffe Chambers

Fiona Whiteside – Twenty Essex 

Ivor Collett – Crown Office Chambers

James Corbet Burcher – No5 Barristers Chambers

Liam Kelly - Deans Court Chambers

Mark Chaloner – 42 Bedford Row 

Michael Harwood – Government Legal Department

Peter Grieves-Smith – Crown Prosecution Service

Phillip Griffiths - 30 Park Place 

Sam Skinner – The 36 Group

Sarah Holmes-Willis – Dere Street Barristers

Sophie Caseley - Garden Court Chambers

Spenser Hilliard – Field Court Chambers


The Terms of Reference of the Committee are:

a. To keep under review the development of the work of the Bar in England and Wales;

b. To consider matters affecting the administration of justice, rights of audience for people other than barristers and other matters affecting the interests of the Bar;

c. To maintain relations with and making representations to government, and others with a common interest in the administration of justice;

d. To monitor and liaise with the BMIF;

e. To support the strategic aims of the Bar Council, as published.


Legal Services Panels

Alternative Dispute Resolution Panel

Chair Spenser Hilliard 

The Terms of Reference for the Panel:

  1. To consider developments in ADR/mediation/arbitration and the implications for the practising Bar;
  2. To act as the focus for matters relating to ADR/mediation/arbitration;
  3. To promote awareness of ADR/mediation/arbitration among the Bar and more widely;
  4. To provide advice on ADR/mediation/arbitration: a) to the Bar generally; and b) to specific committees;
  5. To assist the Ethics Committee in the formulation of ethical and other guidance covering practice as a mediator and/or arbitraton
Direct Access Panel

Chair Christopher James Yuen Kang Bryden

The Terms of Reference for the Panel:

  1. To issue practical advice and guidance for the profession on direct access issues
  2. To lead Bar Council responses to consultations on direct access issues
  3. Working with the Ethics Committee, to keep under review the provisions of the BSB Handbook relating to Public Access and the Licensed Access
  4. To provide assistance to the Bar Council on direct access issues.
Information and Technology Panel

Chair Lawrence Akka

The Terms of Reference for the Panel:

  1. To consider and where appropriate actively provide input into IT developments and their implications for the legal services market and the practising Bar;
  2. To provide advice (including in relation to training) to the Bar on IT matters;
  3. To provide IT input as required to any Bar Council committee needing it in relation to any matter or project.

The IT Panel reports primarily to the Legal Services Committee.


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