Ethics Committee

Executive: Sarah Richardson

Executive: Caitlin Lamboo

Co-Chair: James Hines KC– 3 Raymond Buildings  

Co-Chair: Fenner Moeran KC– Wilberforce Chambers

Vice-Chair: Francis FitzGibbon KC– 23 Essex Street

Vice-Chair: Susan Grocott KC– Deans Court Chambers



Caroline Carberry KC– Furnival Chambers

Cathryn McGahey KC– Temple Garden Chambers

Danny Robinson KC– 5 Kings Bench Walk

Deepak Nagpal KC– 1 Kings Bench Walk

Deshpal Panesar KC– Old Square Chambers

Edmund Vickers KC– Red Lion Chambers

Nicholas Goodwin KC– Harcourt Chambers

Paul Mendelle KC– 25 Bedford Row

Richard Miller KC– Three New Square

Steven Gasztowicz KC– Cornerstone Barristers

Abigail Bright – Doughty Street Chambers

Andrew Granville Stafford – 4 Kings Bench Walk

Brian Cahill – Barrister

Charlotte Reynolds – 12 Kings Bench Walk

Christopher Convey – 33 Chancery Lane

Hannah Smith- Nursing and Midwifery Council

John Battle – ITN

Martha Gray – Harcourt Chambers

Matthew Morrison – Serle Court

Steven Bailey – Crown Prosecution Service

Susan Jones – 3 Paper Building Chambers 

Tony McDaid- no. 5 Chambers


The Terms of Reference of the Committee are:

a. To keep under review the rules and guidance governing practice as a barrister and to develop proposals for submission to the BSB;

b. To respond to proposals from the BSB and other bodies in respect of the professional conduct and ethics of lawyers;

c. To guide and assist the Bar and other representative committees on issues of professional conduct and ethics, including through the ethical enquiries service;

d. To oversee the work of the ethical enquiries service;

e. To assist in responding to requests to the Bar Council (including from overseas) concerning the professional conduct and ethics of lawyers;

f. To support the strategic aims of the Bar Council, as published.


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