Bar Representation Committee

Executive: Carolyn Entwistle


Co-Chair: Tony Singla KC- Brick Court

Co-Chair: William Dean- Deka Chambers

Vice–Chair: Sarah Earl – Chambers Director, Old Square Chambers



Nicholas Allen KC– 29 Bedford Row Chambers

Georgios Petrochilos KC - Three Crowns (Services) LLP

Amit Gupta- Enterprise Chambers

Corinne Bramwell- 9 BR Chambers

David Bingham – Senior Clerk, 1 Crown Office Row

James Bowling- Pump Court Chambers

Jonathan Dingle- Normanton Chambers

Jonathan Lux - Lux Mediation

Mark Rushton – Pump Court Tax Chambers

Michael Harwood - 4-5 Gray's Inn Square

Nicola Rushton KC - Hailsham Chambers

Paul Newhall – Chief Executive, Landmark Chambers

Peter Grieves-Smith - Crown Prosecution Service

Rob Wagg- New Park Court

Sarah Gaunt - 36 Crime Group

Shazia Akhtar – Gatehouse Chambers

Shobana Iyer – Swan Chambers

Shoshana Mitchell - Normanton Chambers

Tariq Mahmood - 

Bar Representation Committee

The terms of reference of the Committee are:

a. To formulate proposals for, and keep under review, a strategy for the Bar Council’s provision of services (including training and events) to the Bar;

b. To support and make recommendations to the Executive in:

(i) the conduct of appropriate research into the needs of members of the Bar (and other relevant audiences), with a view to any such research being used to inform the Committee as to b(ii), c and e below;

(ii) development and implementation of services to the Bar, and in the provision of guidance in areas of work carried out by the department;

(iii) the implementation of policies and processes designed to improve the Bar Council’s approach to the development of services, with a view to ensuring their success amongst members of the Bar (and other relevant audiences);

(iv) the ongoing review of the services, training and events portfolios, with a view to ensuring that the activities of each remain fit-for-purpose and, where appropriate, are competitively priced and designed to contribute to the generation of revenue for the Bar Council;

c.   To make recommendations on new services and revenue opportunities to the Finance Committee, General Management Committee and Bar Council as appropriate;

d.   To work with the Finance Committee to ensure that the contractual arrangements with third party service providers are kept up-to-date, offer appropriate protection for the Bar Council and safeguard the organisation’s reputation and financial standing; and

e. To support the strategic aims of the Bar Council, as published in the Strategic Plan.


Bar Representation Panels

Services Appointment Panel

Co-chairs: Nicholas Allen KC and Georgios Petrochilos KC


The purpose of the panel is to:

  1. keep under review the documentation and website content associated with the Bar Council’s alternative dispute resolution appointment services
  2. assist the Services Team with the creation of annual marketing plans for the promotion of the alternative dispute resolution participant databases, which will contain the names and contact details of those barristers who are happy to be appointed, on a pro bono or paid basis, depending on the source of the dispute
  3. advise the Services Team on the effectiveness of any third party (including chambers) alternative dispute resolution clauses that seek for an appointment to be made by the Chair of the Bar
  4. work in rotation to draw up a shortlist of appointees for the Chair of the Bar to select from, having first received an anonymous summary of the relevant dispute from the Services Team.
Chambers Management Panel

Co-chairs: Nicola Rushton KC and Paul Newhall


The purpose of the panel is to:

  1.  support the Bar Council’s employees in their implementation of the recommendations contained within the Chambers Management Working Group Report 2023, working with other Bar Council Committees, Panels and Working Groups as appropriate
  2. oversee the work of the chambers management enquiries service and assist in responding to requests for assistance through it once implemented
  3. promote awareness of the information and services designed by the Bar Council to assist barristers with the management of their respective businesses, working with other Bar Council Committees, Panels and Working Groups as appropriate
  4. consider the implications of any regulatory, legislative, or other developments that are relevant to the management of barristers’ businesses and develop proposals for new projects in this area, working with other Bar Council Committees, Panels and Working Groups as appropriate
  5. support the strategic aims of the Bar Council, as published, and the development and delivery of the activities relevant to the Panel under the organisation’s business plans.


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