Bar Representation Committee

Executive: Carolyn Entwistle

Chair: Michael Collett QC - 20 Essex Street

Chair: Lucinda Orr - Enyo Law LLP

Vice-Chair: William Dean - 9 Gough Chambers



Toby Brown - 3-4 South Square

Shobana Iyer - Swan Chambers

James Kitching - Fried, Frank, Harris, Shriver & Jacobson LLP

Lorinda Long - Bank of America

Mark Rushton - Wilberforce Chambers

Philip Stott – QEB Hollis Whiteman

Chris Sacker – Systems and Processes Practice Manager,  Doughty Street Chambers

Sarah Earl - Chambers Director, Old Square Chambers

Paul Newhall – Cheif Executive, Landmark Chambers

David Bingham – Senior Clerk, 1 Crown Office Row

Bar Representation Committee

The terms of reference of the Committee are:

a. To formulate proposals for, and keep under review, a strategy for the Bar Council’s provision of services (including training and events) to the Bar;

b. To support and make recommendations to the Executive in:

(i) the conduct of appropriate research into the needs of members of the Bar (and other relevant audiences), with a view to any such research being used to inform the Committee as to b(ii), c and e below;

(ii) development and implementation of services to the Bar, and in the provision of guidance in areas of work carried out by the department;

(iii) the implementation of policies and processes designed to improve the Bar Council’s approach to the development of services, with a view to ensuring their success amongst members of the Bar (and other relevant audiences);

(iv) the ongoing review of the services, training and events portfolios, with a view to ensuring that the activities of each remain fit-for-purpose and, where appropriate, are competitively priced and designed to contribute to the generation of revenue for the Bar Council;

c.   To make recommendations on new services and revenue opportunities to the Finance Committee, General Management Committee and Bar Council as appropriate;

d.   To work with the Finance Committee to ensure that the contractual arrangements with third party service providers are kept up-to-date, offer appropriate protection for the Bar Council and safeguard the organisation’s reputation and financial standing; and

e. To support the strategic aims of the Bar Council, as published in the Strategic Plan.


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